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We must support our soldiers and veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice.  We owe them more than the lip service that they have received for years.  We should honor their service by streamlining benefits that are owed to them, reducing the waiting time to less than three months (currently it takes three years)

An overhaul of the agency is required. No government agency should be paying out millions of dollars in packages. These funds should be shifted to support our soldiers and veterans directly



We need to overhaul our immigration process and protect our borders. Once this is complete, Immigrationthen we need to review those that are currently here illegally to gain citizenship if they meet the criteria put into place. We should not just give them all citizenship..





All citizens should have access to health care. Obama care (ACA) has resulted in increased red tape, increased regulations, increased premiums, higher deductibles and the inability to choose your doctor creating a monopoly with a limited number of plans.

Congress needs to work together and repeal ACA mandate and fine while opening interstate insurance competition which will drive down prices.

Patients should have the freedom to choose plans that meet their needs while also implementing a health program (expanded Medicaid) that would cover those that are unable to obtain insurance and ensuring they have basic health care with a small co-payment.


We need to create a healthy economy and a healthy America for our future.   The old tax and spend on government infrastructure programs does not stimulate our economy.  We need to reduce our debt, reform the US tax code as well as having fair business regulations, including leveling the employment field by protecting jobs in the US.





America deserves a balanced budget. We hear all too often about extending spending by months and increasing our national debt, but never heard about balancing a budget. It has become too easy to borrow more and keep creating programs. It’s time we stopped and do what millions of Americans do every week, month and year, have a budget that is responsible and balanced.

If there is no approved budget by the start of the fiscal year, then all elected officials should be required to work without pay until the budget is resolved. These would include any short-term spending bills (kicking the can down the road).

The country, our children, government employees and those employees that are indirectly employed, but the government deserves a balanced budget and not have to worry about government shutdowns due to our inability to do our jobs.

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